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​We have bred Champion Briarlea's Brave also known a Merida, to American Champion, Grand Champion Briarlea's The Sorcercers Apprentice ( also called Mickey)  and she is due around the 19th of October, 2017. We have had an x-ray and it shows 4 puppies, so we are waiting for the big day when we get to see them. I will be taking deposits on her puppies and will put pictures on this page as soon as I can. There is a possibility that I may be breeding Keaira this winter, but so far I have no definite plans.  For more information about our dogs, the puppies, contracts, guarantees and even for information on how to raise a wire fox terrier, please call us at 763-479-1733 or email us at briarlea @citlink.net and we will be happy to answer any questions you  may have, or even to just "talk dogs". In the meantime please let Ginger amuse you with some pictures of her playing at our home. 
​When Merida's babies are old enough to roam the house, we will replace with pictures of them. 

                                                                     Ginger's comments

Since this page is about me, Mom said I could make some comments and tell  about myself. I am a brown(in our breed, this is called ginger) and white girl, Ginger became my name because of my color, but it is also a very pretty name. I like it! I am the only one now that still does not have a home to go to, but my human mom says not to worry. I am a very sweet and cuddly girl who loves to be held. I also love to play, to explore and find new things, and to climb pant legs. Well, anyway, I try to climb pant legs. I really don't know why anyone would prefer a boy! I think there was more than  little gender preference working there, but mom says that I allowed.  Since this was written, I have found a wonderful home, bu Mom promised she would keep my pictues on the page until she found another very pretty puppy.
My brother and I are exploring the dog bed that is full of toys, and us, of course!  I like the big grey one that is on the floor.
Look! I found something good to pull on. Bet I can get the whole blanket down on the floor!
Look, a leg! And there is a person up there who may just know how to do tummy rubs! I'm gonna climb...and climb...
Guess I'm too little to get all the way-y-y up there. But look what I found now. A shoe..with shoe laces!
Mom says this is what I have to do when I get shown or have to go to the Vet. She says it is something good to know.
I am just as  pretty on this side!