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  Since this page is about me, mom said I could tell  people all about a myself. I am a tri colored wire fox terrier, which means I have white, black and tan fur. My puppy name is Anne, but mom says it may be changed once I find my forever home. I really find it hard to wait, but she says not to worry because I am one of the sweetest wires she has had...ever!!! I am a cuddly girl who does not hesitate to be picked up and held, petted and loved. I also love to play, to explore and find new things, and to climb pant legs. Well, anyway, I try to climb pant legs.  my brothers left for their new homes already but I really don't know why anyone would prefer a boy! I think there was more than  little gender preference working,  but mom says I am sure to find the most perfect home. I am only 10 weeks old, Paper trained and also know how to go potty outside. I have seen the vet twice and both times he gave me a vaccine shot with a LONG needle and then gave me a treat for being such a brave girl. Mom said you can call her at 763-479-1733 or email her at briarlea@citlink.net for more information or to come out to visit with me. I love people and would enjoy playing with you. 
I just found a neat toy. Mom says it squeaks at both ends. This looks like fun
This is a picture of me. I bet I could be in movies...or a model? what do you think?
Guess I'm too little to get all the way-y-y up there. But look what I found now. A shoe..with shoe laces!
I am having a very serious discussion with my Auntie Merida. She is telling me how to play with all these toys..and how to find a big-g-g box full of them. Auntie Merida is my mentor. She is teaching me how to go potty outside, not on mom's floor.
I found a really nice toy, but I have been told not to eat any of it..I would get a bad tummy ache. It sure makes a nice noise when I bite it.

I am sorry but all of the puppies are sold to their forever homes. I probably will not be having another litter until spring of 2021, but do continue to check my website for future updates. I may be having a champion male for sale spring of next year as well. I am planning on doing some work in obedience and rally with him over the winter. In the meantime, I will leave the pictures and Annne's story up since it gives a good word picture of what a wire fox terrier puppy is like. Enjoy.
Our newest puppies!!