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What does she mean, "get out of there". It is really soft and cushy. I could fall asleep in here. 
Hey, look at this bug!  Wonder what would happen if I ate it? 
O-o-o-h, a-a-a-h! Now just a little to the left please....and a couple more scratches too.  Boy, this is the life!
Here I am, all dressed up and waiting. Is she ever going to be ready to go to the dog park? 
I am waiting.............
       and waiting..........
           and waiting.........
​We have bred International Champion Paigewyre Briarlea's Legacy (Molly) to American, International Champion Briarlea's Coppertop (Copper) and are now expecting puppies around October 20th, 2014. You will be able to see their pictures here and on our other pages soon. For more information about our dogs, the puppies, contracts, guarantees and even for information on how to raise a wire fox terrier, please call us at 763-479-1733 or email us at briarlea @citlink.net and we will be happy to answer any questions you  may have, or even to just "talk dogs" with you. We are also accepting deposits at this time.
International Champion Paigewyre Briarlea's  
                              " Molly"  
American & International Champion Briarlea's Coppertop