This book was written to fill the need of those exhibitors who are learning the specialized grooming needed on the wire fox terrier and other long legged terriers in order to succeed in the show ring. The book will be a great help to beginners and those who are a bit more experienced.It was written primarily for the groomer of the wire fox terrier but many of the tips and directions are applicable to airedales, welsh, Lakeland, and other terriers.   Some exhibitors with other wire coated breeds such as the Wire Dachshund have found it very helpful. In addition to written direction, there are many illustrations showing the correct techniques to achieve that great show coat.
    If you are mentoring a beginner or have placed a show prospect puppy with a beginner, this is the book for them. It would make a wonderful gift and it would save you many a phone call, giving the person somewhere to look for the answer to a problem.

                  Cost is $15.00 which includes shipping within the continental                    United States.  For Canadian and Foreign countries slightly                     more.
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