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Chase finished his championship on a specialty weekend with winner's dog and best of winners ribbons. He is a lovely short backed good moving male with a fun loving personality. He really does think that the world is his oyster! He enjoys playing with toys, especially when he has a girl to keep him company. He really doesn't mind that they get a little bossy.  He is now retired and enjoying life at "Briarlea".


Dexter is a ginger wire and is Amber's litter brother. He and his sister Amber finished on the same day at the same show, something that does not happen often. Dexter lives with his co-breeders and owners Mike and Donna Johnson in Fargo. We are really proud that this young boy is now making his mark in agility, obedience and rally.

American, International Champion Briarlea's Coppertop

Copper was shown throughout his show career by my granddaughter Elyssa and did some very good winning including a Reserve Best in Show. He is a very easy going dog with enough terrier fire to keep him interesting. As far as he is concerned, play is his goal in life. He is short back, well balanced and with a lovely long head. We hope to be seeing some puppies soon with his good qualities as he has been bred to Molly (Int'l Ch. Paigewyre Briarlea's Legacy) Who has been his favorite playmate. To bring everyone up to date, Copper now lives in Madison WI with his new family and works at protecting his very best friend, Baby Alice an making sure that her parents take good car of her.
American, International Champion  Briarlea's Sargent Major 

Sarge is another of my boys shown to his championship by Elyssa . He is a well balanced by with a very good head, shoulders and rear. His movement proves his quality. He has a very hard wire coat that was nno problem to keep in top condition.,  His temperament is so easy going that one does wonder if he really is a Terrier. He never did learn to spar..Elyssa had to be careful not to let him go into the play position when he faced off with another boy. An easy boy to live with. Currently he lies in Florida with his new family and enjoys life. 

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American Champion, Grand Champion, International Champion Focus Briarlea When In Rome

Also known as Apollo, He I a natural showman and finished all his titles in a very short time. He is a proven sire and has offspring in the ring. A dominant wire male, He has the feisty attitude that the standard asks for. With an exceptional head, long neck and short back he presents a lovely picture. His shoulders are very well laid back and his hind quarters match well, enabling very good movement.All in all, a very  special dog that should do well in a breeding program

This boy earned his  name honestly. He was so curious about the world around him he couldn't help getting into trouble and every little while, we would be yelling "No, you Little Dickens"! His registered name is Great Expectations which was written by Charles Dickens. Curious, smart and loving, this boy has energy and loves everyone. He even is willing to accept and play with other dogs, even if they are other terriers. He finished his championship titles in a short time and retired to living at home. He is a proven sire and we are so pleased with the quality of his puppies. We are planning on having him sire a few more babies. At this time he is living in a new home and he decided very quickly that those people were going to belong to him, He did not have to work very hard at getting them to love him.