Are Fox Terriers Yappy?

No,but since they have acute hearing and are extrememly alert dogs they do bark at noises and other strange sounds. For example, they will bark with someone comes to the door or when they hear strange sounds. As with any breed of dog, the owner must be responsible in providing the appropriate training to allow the dog to bark when necessary and to subsist when told "no". Most behavior problems can be averted with proper upbringing and care. 

Are Fox Terriers good with kids? 

Yes, if you are looking for an active playful companion. As with all dogs,  an adult should be alert and responsible for good behavior on the part of both dog and child.  Wires generally love children and indeed consider themselves one of the children. 

How much will a puppy cost?

That is up to the individual breeder. . The amount of the purchase price is small compared to the years of enjoyment a companion will give you.

What is the difference between a Show prospect and a pet puppy?

The differences are very small and obvious only to an expert of the breed. One advantage of buying from a show breeder is that all puppies will have been carefully bred to eliminate any faults and optimize health. temperament and appearance. They will all have received the same careful care and food that the show puppies have.

Do wires shed?

No, but they do need to be groomed to maintain coat and skin condition. Most pets are clipped 3 or 4 times a year, and show dogs are "stripped", a time consuming process. Clippered dogs may loose the brilliant colors, but it is easier to keep them looking neat and clean. All dogs require basic care, brushing, teeth cleaning and nail cutting on a weekly basis.

What health problems do wires have?

Wires are generally healthy sturdy little dogs. We do not have major problems in the breed. They often live from 10 to15 years or more if well cared for.

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Fox Terrier Facts
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